Our company

POSTAL ADDRESS:Via Porta Piazzetta 2
CH-6537 Grono/Switzerland
CEO:Ivo A. Mazzola
Nenad Pongrac
ACTIVITIES:Consulting, Development & Design of Special Business Solutions
BUSINESS AREAS:Digitization, Engineering, Robotics RPA, Business Intelligence BI, Web and Mobile, Data & Process Management

Our principles

We strive to always be ….

– We offer advanced technology solutions
– We believe in results
HIGH-TECH ORIENTED:– We apply the most advanced technology
– Our products are constantly being upgraded
RELIABLE:– We believe in generous dimensioning, easy maintenance design, high quality manufacturing and on-time delivery
FUTURE ORIENTED:– We invest in research and development as well as in personnel training
– We believe in results
SPECIAL:– We provide special solutions to satisfy particular costumers’ requirements
– We offer comprehensive solutions including know-how, advanced technology application and systems’ integration
MULTI-NATIONAL:– Our products are on the floor worldwide
– We are based or represented in most countries in all continents
COMMITTED:to our tradition of
– advanced technology design
– high quality solutions
– customers’ support

History and Present Day

Created in 1976 as a mechanical design office, Mazzola Engineering has successfully grown to a widely recognized engineeering company developing and manufacturing machinery and components for sheet metal processing lines and tube welding mills covering a particular market segment for very special applications.

In view of a generational change our Machinery Division has ceased operations at the end of 2018 transferring all rights to our products to a partner company.

In line with today’s technological evolution a new Division has been established under the brand name ADT – Applied Digital Tecnologies, ensuring continuity to our tradition of providing our Customers with the most advanced solutions to satisfy their specific requirements.

ADT – applied digital technologies